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Divvy Bike Usage Is Climbing

By Matthew Zaiff

Divvy Bikes ready to be ridden at the Adams and Wabash Stop. Photo by Matthew Zaiff
Divvy Rider Edited.jpg
A young woman rides her Divvy bike down Michigan Avenue. Photo by Matthew Zaiff
Young woman returns her Divvy bike to the Michigan Avenue and Jackson Blvd stop. Photo by Matthew Zaiff
A young couple returns their Divvy bikes to the Millennium Park Station. Photo by Matthew Zaiff
A young man points to the east as he is followed by companions. Photo by Matthew Zaiff

Since their inception in 2013, Divvy bikes have become a staple of transportation in Chicago. The Chicago Data Portal contains data on over 13.8 million individual rides, exemplifying the widespread acceptance by Chicagoans and tourists alike.  I have found that the number of individuals aged 10 though 20 have doubled between summer of 2016 and 2017. Young chicagoans are adapting to the bike sharing service as fast as they are to ride sharing applications like Uber and Lyft.



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Car fanatic turned journalist.

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