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Mustang Sets Respectable Quarter-Mile Time Despite Poor Conditions

By Matthew Zaiff

Setting quick quarter-mile times is now easier with the latest generation Mustang.

Most automaker’s press releases exist to highlight new features and updated performance figures. If you want to know which type of leather interiors are available on a new S-Class are you turn to the press release. In the world of sports car enthusiasts, performance numbers are used as ammunition to win automotive related discussions or ‘carguments’. Criteria like 0 to 60 times and quarter-mile trap speeds can inflate or crush the egos of those loyal to their preferred brand.

One segment historically values these recorded performance figures more so than all others. In the muscle car space, manufacturers have been constantly one-upping each other for decades. Devotion and brand loyalty is passed down in some families and each manufacturer has a seemingly endless number of individuals who will argue relentlessly on brand superiority. But at the end of the day, talk is talk, conclusions are justified in the real world. Drag racing remains the quintessential gauge for muscle car performance with organizations like the NMRA or National Mustang Racers Association dedicated to drag racing Ford products.

Last Thursday Chicago native, Mark Modesto, brought out his 2018 Ford Mustang GT to Great Lakes Dragaway to take part in the time-honored tradition of setting the quickest possible quarter-mile time. Modesto’s GT is equipped with Ford’s Performance Pack, and 10-speed automatic transmission. This was his first ever experience at a drag strip.

“I was shaking in my boots as I pulled up to the line”, said Modesto. “So many thoughts going through my head but I tried hard to stay focused.”

At the time of his first run, the track conditions were less than desirable. It was only about 50 degrees which will only lead to increased traction issues and slower times. Despite the subpar weather, the GT actually recorded a very respectable run.

“Turns out my first run of the day ended up being my best time at 12.423 at 115 mph” said Modesto. Check out the pass in the video below.

For comparison, Hot Rod Magazine recorded significantly quicker 11.83 second run with idealized conditions. In order to achieve that time Hot Rod adjusted the vehicles tire pressures for optimal traction.

It is safe to say that Mr. Modesto will be back to improve on his time. With that he joins generations of Mustang owners with the singular goal of squeezing every last bit of performance out of their vehicles.

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Car fanatic turned journalist.

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