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New 2020 Hypercar Regulations Approved

A new wave of Hypercars will take over the LMP1 class starting in 2020

By Matthew Zaiff

Starting in September 2020, the recently approved WEC Hyper Sport regulations will usher in an entirely new field of high performance hybrids.

The transition is welcome for the ever shrinking LMP1 class in the World Endurance Championships. The new regulations will help bring costs down significantly which makes the top tier racing more accessible to perspective private teams- something the current generation struggles with.

Due to the new aerodynamic restrictions you can expect to see a field of race cars that have a stronger resemblance to road going vehicles than the current offerings from Toyota and Rebellion. In addition, the new competitors will have a projected lap time approximately 10 seconds slower than the best laps from the 2018 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Automobile Club de l’Quest (ACO) Sports Director Vincent Beaumensnil said, ” We are looking to promote cost-efficient technology. Gone are the days when money was no object. LMP1 will therefore be a more realistic technology demonstrator that meets market demands and keeps the green edge of hybrid systems.”

The new restrictions within budget, aero and engine systems are designed to make the class more exciting and more competitive.

“The direct impact is that a team’s ingenuity, know-how and overall approach will make a greater difference than the depth of its pockets,” said Beaumensnil.

The new cars will be limited to one hybrid system on the front axel of 200kW or 268 horsepower. The internal combustion engine is restricted to 520kW or just under 700 horsepower.

Minimum weight is set at 1,040 kg or 2,292.8 pounds.

This is great news for fans of the World Endurance Championships. Here’s to hoping for a packed starting grid in September 2020. It would be a return to form if we saw teams fielded by McLaren, Porsche, Audi, and Ferrari. Those prestigious marques getting a run for their money by private teams would be even sweeter. Glorious 1990’s GT1 revival anyone?


More information can be found here.

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