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The 2019 GT3 RS Lapped The Nurburgring Faster Than a 918

The 6:56.4 set by the new GT3 RS is 24 seconds faster than the previous record by the same car.

By Matthew Zaiff

It is no secret that Porsche has been at the top of their game lately. The boys in Stuttgart have been adding the magical RS recipe to their models for some time now. Take an already high-performance 911, add power, add lightness, add stiffness and there you go.

The fact that the new GT3 RS ran a sub 7:00 minute ring time is objectively bonkers. Porsche factory driver, Kevin Estre, piloted the hotter GT3 to lap time royalty on April, 16th. The 2019 GT3 RS features 20 more horsepower, stiffer springs, ultra-sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2’s. Tack on a newly developed Weissach package which adds magnesium wheels for reduced unsprung weight and it begins to make sense how Porsche destroyed their previous lap record. The 2019 GT3 RS joins an ultra-exclusive club amongst the top fastest production cars to run the green hell, third only to the GT2RS and Huracán Performante.

Check out the incredible lap by Estre below.

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Car fanatic turned journalist.

3 thoughts on “The 2019 GT3 RS Lapped The Nurburgring Faster Than a 918 Leave a comment

  1. Hi Matt, very exciting. give me a few more stats on the the cars. how many are they making? will they be available in the states?
    thanks, Jim

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    • Hey Jim, Porsche hasn’t disclosed official production figures yet, but expect roughly 1500 units coming stateside. Most of which are currently been reserved though various dealer allocations. I expect a number of people willing to pay ADM (additional dealer markup) in order to get one.


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