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Watch the 2019 Corvette ZR1’s Top Speed Run

By: Matthew Zaiff

212 miles per hour.

When GM announced the 755 horsepower Corvette ZR1 it was no surprise a ridiculously high top speed would be delivered. Thanks to a larger 2.65-liter Eaton supercharger, 4 inch throttle body, and bodywork optimized to allow greater cooling of 4 new radiators, the power is delivered sans the cooling issues that plagued the Z06.

In order to demonstrate the Corvette’s capabilities, GM flew ZR1 to Germany. Automotive Testing Papenburg or ATP for short, hosted the speed runs. The track, a 7.6 mile oval had the real estate required to unleash the ZR1’s 755 ponies.

GM ran the Vette twice, once against the wind and once with it. They averaged the speed between the two runs in order to get an accurate top speed. When testing was finished an average of 212 miles per hour was achieved making the ZR1 the most powerful and fastest Corvette ever, and the second fastest American production car, a shade behind the Ford GT’s 216.

Watch the runs below.

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Car fanatic turned journalist.

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